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National infrastructure



We have a few key national infrastructure projects within the Kingdom of Morocco. Total value of $3.556 Billion USD (1 MDh = $116,000)

Morocco has a population of over 32 million and an area of 710,850 squared km.  The nation has a history of independance not shared by its neighbors. It is a constitutional monarchy with an elected parliament. Legislative power is vested in the government and the two chambers of parliament. the Assembly of Representatives and the Assembly of Councilors.  Morocco has joined the African Union as of 2017. (It was previously the only African country that was not a member)


Working alongside COHECO to produce a scalable Regional Power Producer (IPP) in Kapangan, Philippines. COHECO is set out to accrue 4,568 GWH of hydro power annually. 

COHECO invested to achieve critical development milestones. The project has strong fundamentals that create an annuity for 25 years. Cash flow allows for competitive financing and high equity returns.  Hydrological assets were assessed in simulations using data from 1962 to 2009 data. Generated an avg. 300 GWh of production. Tiered turbine design optimizes the generation with 50% of the cost. 

Located near power grid in the northern province adjacent to Manila. Secured local rights package: Indigenous vote (FPIC), water permits, land leases, etc.  Obtained DOE certificate of confirmation for commerciality. 

School on theMountainside
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Venture Incubation


AmericasArmy is a First Person shooter created by the US Army, under the US DoD (Pentagon) in the Republic of Korea. 

AA is one of the top five most popular games/simulations in the US. Oversee entire process of launching AA in the Asian region through the contract with and under the auspices of the United  States Army. The launch has resulted in technology transfer to the Korean Ministry of National Defense, through KIDA, the military's top think tank. 

Network Cable Technician

NEXTEL is an ISP orignatating from Korea. Worked with Korea Telecom to lay the groundwork for the commercial use of the Internet in Korea.

Introduced the business and the technology of commercializing Internet service to a local investor. "Internet" was a totally new business arena for Korea in 1993. Nextel is now a publicly-traded company listed on KOSDAQ, a South Korean stock market. 

WaveXpress is a digital multimedia solution company in Korea, Japan, and China

InfraBasic has exclusive rights to wave technology for all of the Korean markets and will operate Wave Korean operation as an exclusive right holder as well as a major shareholder. InfraBasic will provide Korean multimedia companies with leading-edge technology and services. The revenue is expected to come from technology royalty, content provision, and complete turnkey solution services.

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Launch New York City creates a channel for the U.S. market launch in New York City for tech businesses from Seoul Metro Government, Korea

InfraBasic is a member of IBM's Incubator Series.  IBM is the primary and preferred technology provider of InfraBasic's incubatees. IBM delivers solution guidance for the design/build, hardware, software, support services, hosting, marketing, and business plans. Speeds time to market and provides support services through IBM Quick Launch for e-Business Ventures

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