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Casey Ilsun Kim CBB IX

CEO / Headquarters

CASEY ILSUN KIM is a businessman, an academic and a political influencer.


He is the founder and CEO of InfraBasic, a business & project incubation and investment firm. Since the foundation of InfraBasic in 1991 in New York City, he has been active in venture incubation, national infrastructure project incubation and investment syndication. Many of his early incubations focused on commercialization and market expansion of innovative technologies. His recent concentration is on national infrastructure project incubation and investment syndication in concert with various governments’ national plans and priorities. He currently engages with various government infrastructure projects around the world and makes contributions on key economic development issues.

He is also an educator. He synchronized his real-life experience in ‘giving birth’ to business enterprises to the class room settings. He served as an adjunct professor at SungKyunKwan University (SKKU), a Samsung foundation, as well as at Hanyang University in Seoul, Korea. He trained university students through a ‘learning by doing’ method, his students acquired the discipline of business incubation through mockup simulation. He also taught Samsung Group’s top executives at Samsung HRD Center in Yong-in, Korea, on negotiation strategies and global communication.


He is also a political influencer taking a clear and adamant stance as a ‘Christian Conservative Patriot’. He ran his own Korean-language YouTube channel called ‘TePyung’, or ‘Teguki Army’, and delivered countless patriotic massages in defense of national sovereignty of Republic of Korea and the United States of America as well as for the rest of the free world. His messages covered many key issues on international politics and affairs as well as domestic issues in ROK and USA. He continues to be active in political community to help his fellow citizens defend their voices, liberty and God-given human rights. He is currently focusing on strengthening the alliance between the Republic of Korea and the United States of America on both political exchanges as well as on economic cooperation and development.


Born in 1966, he is fluent in English & Korean. He is 9th Degree Certified Black Belt (CBB IX) in Taekwondo, conferred by Pioneer Grand master KONG YOUNG IL, Chairman of World Taekwondo Organization (WTO) and a graduate of New York University Stern School of Business. He is a Born-Again Christian.★

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